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Lovelife Hylyte




Isotonic ENERGY Shot!


Love Life Hylyte

HYLYTE re-hydrates and provides a 100% natural energy boost which is ideal for leisure activities, work, dance, sport etc.

HYLYTE is a soluble, combination of 3 of the essentials our life support systems need: Carbohydrates (Energy), Electrolytes (Sea Salt & Potassium Chloride) and Vitamin C.

HYLYTE provides maximum hydration and is a boost of energy, nutrients and minerals the natural way.

HYLYTE is a neutral tasting product – add it to your preferred flavour!

HYLYTE is manufactured in Royal Deeside, Scotland, by Love Life Limited.


Our special thanks goes to Dr Chris Fenn, Scotland’s top corporate nutritionist for her help, support and advice along the way in developing the recipe for HYLYTE .